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My name is Lidia Podrazik and I am the founder and owner of "King-Cristies " Kennel.

My love for animals started out when I was a little girl,and as i got older this passion got stronger.My parents helped me alot and I thank them for showing me how to respect animals and to accept them and the responsibilities of taking care of them.As i grew up with the dogs that my parents had, I not only enjoyed being with them, but also learning different things as well.Not only for companionship, but in training and doing sports with them also.I loved going on long walks in the park or in the forest or maybe just sitting around at one of the favorite places we had.Waliking in the forest and seeing all the beautiful things of nature,with the wild animals,in a beautiful wilderness atmospher, always captured my heart and made me love and respect all things.

And then one day it happened, I saw for the first time in our neighborhood, a siberian husky. As he stood there with his owner looking at me, it was love at first sight! A beautiful black-white male with the coldest blue eyes, I had ever seen. His coat was thick and his face although his looks were wild-like a wolf, his expression was very friendly and clownish as well. As he started running I saw the enormous passion for running and the all around energy that never stopped. I knew then that my heart was captured by this beautiful breed and i knew from that day on, that i would have an siberian husky.
It wasn't until the year 1989, almost 10 years later since I saw my first siberian husky,that in the summer of July 1989, I was the proud owner of my first dog-the siberian husky. Hömezök Kírály Akela "Szezi", a black-white brown eyed male. I knew that having one husky, ment that he would need to a play mate, another companion that would share and be with him all the time, when I wasn't there. I started looking around for another siberian, this time a female. And in September of 1990, I was again a pround owner of two siberians. The female was light gray-white,and pi-eyed, Csing-King Ufó. As a pair they were different in many ways, my boy Szezi-was a very quite,calm and relaxed type and the female was point the opposite, she was very active and woulnd't stay in one place for two long. She got herself into everything that was possible and things that were not.
Started going to obidience school and then shortly on to the dog shows. This was the first type of sickness that i got started out as, and the bud, got deeper,and deeper. I got addicted to taking the dogs to the shows, showing them and meeting new people and other siberians.
Shortly after all these things came the thought of breeding these wonderful siberians. Started asking around and catching up on any magazines and books, knowing much more as possible about the siberians. And in 1992, the kennel was established and had its first litter of pups. Ever since then I have been breeding the siberians.

My kennel is a small one with a great big heart and strong spirit. Therefore we have limited litters in our kennel, my aims are not the quantity, but the quality that we can produce and aim for in the breeding of the siberians,and their standards as a breed.
All are siberians are treated and live in a family environment,and they are loved and cared for greatly.

Thank you for visiting our website! I hope you enjoyed the dogs ! Come again soon,for new news !

Lidia Podrazik
Bronze Master Breeder

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